Bottle Knocker Hockey


Bottle Knocker Hockey is proud to be the first and only company in Pittsburgh to offer the services to fix your sticks.  We respect the sport of hockey and your wallet.  Why throw away your broken sticks or have them just multiply in a corner in your basement? 

Founded in 2012 in the hockey-obsessed town of Pittsburgh, Bottle Knocker Hockey has been a lifesaver.  Getting kids, adults, and whole teams back on the ice sooner and with more money in their pockets is their mission.  Known locally as BKH, Bottle Knocker Hockey fixes your hockey sticks!

We can fix all one-piece, two-piece, wood and composite hockey sticks.  Ice, roller, dek; we have you covered. Junior, senior, goalie?  We got that.  Think your stick is too new, too unique, or irreparable?  We’ve been there, we’ve done that.  We feel your frustration and your budget screaming.  That’s why BKH was conceived.  We can handle any hockey stick make and model.

Our pricing structure is simple: $50.00 per stick.  It’s as easy as that.

Turn around time is usually between 3-5 days however we do become busy with repairs, so our time is dependent on the volume of sticks we have at the time.

Occasionally we will sell sticks for $60 per stick regardless of the make or model. This is dependent on when we get them in and what is available. Sticks are usually posted to our Facebook page.

Our staff works with you to arrange for a personalized pick-up and drop-off of your stick.

Let us help you get back into the game. Contact Us now!

We Fix Your Sticks!